Nkem Nwaturuocha

Creative Director

Nkem is the Co-Founder and serves as the studio’s Creative Director. Nkem possesses the innate ability to lead teams and guide the creative process, as well as contribute as a hands-on team member - designing and creating many of the projects at DDNA. Nkem has over a decade of experience, working with large traditional advertising agencies, small digital content firms and in-house in publishing. Nkem is writing this bio about Nkem and it makes him feel funny. He’s had the privilege of leading, mentoring and learning among diverse teams—resulting in some amazing and award-winning creative and experiences. Nkem has worked with a variety of notable clients ranging from major household names like Coca-Cola and Etisalat to startups and small businesses. All of which presented interesting and challenging problems to solve. Nkem strives to make fresh and innovative work that actually works and have as much fun as possible during the process.